Prayer Rail: Includes 2″ knee padding and 1″ arm padding. A variety of fabric styles and colors to choose from. 28 ½” x 18″ x 44″   Price: $1250

Candelsticks: (set of 2): 46″ or 32″ height, 12″ x 12″ base. These can be wired for electricity.  Includes standard Ruby Vigil Glass. (Dine-A-Glow candelas sold separately). Price: $905

Crucifix and Stand: Crucifix and stand has a plain Cross attached to the backside of it. Giving a three dimensional looks to either the Crucifix or Cross when it’s in use. You have either Crucifix or Cross ready without worrying about storage of the one not in use.  All you have to do is turn it 180 degrees in the stand to use the opposite side. The Crosses are both 32″ tall by 22″ wide. The faces of the Crosses are 4 3/4″ wide.
Price: $505 Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.