Trinity Fluids is offering a line of Airbrush Foundation specifically designed for the mortuary industry. Years of research and testing, inside real preparation rooms, have lead to what our customers feel are the best mortuary cosmetic foundations on the market. Every case presents different cosmetic challenges to embalmers, no matter what part of the world you serve. You can rest a little easier knowing that you have the right product to take care of those challenges.

  • Our water based formula is easily removed from the hairline
  • Provides complete coverage over the toughest discolorations
  • Dries quickly. No need for messy setting powder
  • Will not transfer to clothing while dressing the body
  • Ultra fine spray allows foundation to blend with the texture and tone of the skin

Our methods incorporate expert embalming strategies that ultimately assist in creating a natural, quality end result. Our products provide colors that recreate a natural complexion and durability to stay put giving the living a comfortable experience. For more information consult the product sheet.

Product Sheet