Standard Kit   $275.00
Our standard Back to Work PPE supply kit is designed to last for 30 to 60 days per 1 to 2 people and includes the following items:

  • (10) KN95 Masks
    Wear alone in moderate and higher risk environments, or underneath a surgical mask for more even protection. Number the masks consecutively and rotate daily, allowing 3-4 days rest before reusing
  • (50) Surgical Masks
    Wear alone in a low risk environment, or on top of a KN95 mask when in a higher risk environment, and to protect the more valuable KN95 mask. Use occasionally for one or two days and discard. Or number and use in rotation, allowing rests between wear.
  • (4) 16 Ounce Bottles Hand Sanitizer
    Comes with screw top and flip cap— Place flip caps on these bottles to dispense directly, or use as refills. Pours and sprays equally well. Can also be used in spray bottle to sanitize phones, door knobs and handles, etc. Do not spray directly on computer keyboards.
  • (400) 5 mil Nitrile Gloves (200 each Medium and XL)
    Use these for extra protection or when you do not have access to a hand washing station. They are chemical resistant, so you can sanitize while wearing to extend use. There are other sizes available Small and Large.
  • (2) 16 ounce bottles SaniSol7 Cleaner Disinfectant
    This is a highly concentrated product with many possible uses. Dilute 30% or use straight. Allow the active ingredients to work by not wiping up immediately…5 minutes should do the trick.

Custom Kits
Build your own customized kit the number of KN95 masks, surgical masks, bottles of hand sanitizer, cleaner disinfectant and boxes of gloves per sizes you need.