TrinityFluids is pleased to offer Grex premium airbrushes. Their intuitive, easy-to-use design appeals to beginners, yet their fine detail control and comfortable operation make them a good fit for professionals as well.

Tritium TG is available in three different models with 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, or 0.5 mm nozzle sizes. The double-action pistol-style trigger is a top gravity, intuitive, easy-to-use, and comfortable trigger system that offers fine control from detailed to wide spraying. It feature two-stage operation; the first half of the trigger motion controls the air and the second half controls the paint volume. Its ergonomic handgrip offers a firm and comfortable grip, helps minimize hand fatigue and cramping. A high-performance nozzle design features a fine thread screw-in design for precise nozzle centering. Constructed of stainless steel with large diameter threads for extra durability, nozzles are precision-machined for optimal paint flow through the nozzle and optimal air flow around the nozzle. A high-performance needle design has a long taper at the needle tip to provide superior fine paint volume control. It is precision-machined from stainless steel for a durable, matched fit to the nozzle.

The Genesis XG is designed to be the workhorse of airbrushes; ideal for all applications, including automotive, fine art, murals and make-up. The large reservoir is easy to clean, holds more paint for longer spraying sessions and useful for mixing custom colors. From fine lines to broad strokes, the Genesis XG is an all-around kind of brush.